2019 Race Schedule

This is my 2019 Race Schedule.

I have a three year plan to get myself into my peak ultra marathon running shape and ability to perform at a competitive level for three to four years. This plan takes me to age 41 before I get near my peak, but I feel with my level of natural athletic ability, and given that ultra runners often run their best in their late 30’s and early 40’s, its feasible for my to reach my peak in a few years and I do think I have the ability to be competitive and compete for some wins. I  have a lot of work to do to get to that point, and 2019 will start that process.

2019 will be a year where I get into good shape, get several more ultra race finishes under my belt, and get redemption in the two races I previously DNF’d in, get a sub 24 hour 100 and possibly a sub 20 hour 100 mile finish, and lay the foundation for success for bigger challenges in 2020.

I’ve picked races in areas that I am familiar with and that I know I have support in to increase my chances of success.  One of my races is extremely challenging (Burning River 100), but the others are all fairly easier courses.

  • March 23rd:  Race Brimstone – 50 Mile Race / Canal Fulton, OH
  • April 27th: C&O 100 – 100 Mile Race / Knoxville, Maryland
  • May 19th: Cleveland Marathon – 26.2 Mile Race / Cleveland, OH
  • June 8th: Eagle Up Ultra – 24 Hour Race / Canton, OH
  • July 27th: Burning River – 100 Mile Race / Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
  • October 20th: Columbus Marathon – 26.2 Mile Race / Columbus, OH
  • November 9th: Tunnel Hill – 100 Mile Race / Vienna, IL
  • December 7th: Daytona 100 – 100 Mile Race / Daytona Beach, Florida


I will be taking two weeks off after each race with no training and very little time on my feet, and taking the month of August off to rest and recover.  I will be doing the first three ultras very slow, with a lot of walking, with just the goal to finish and practice various nutrition, hydration, clothing, shoes and treking poles.   I’ll be building up to the Burning River 100 Miler, a very challenging trail race that I DNF’ed at mile 76 last year. After that race, I’ll rest a bit and then focus more on speed work to increase my speed a bit for sub 24 hour finishes in the Tunnel Hill 100 and Daytona 100 to position myself for a sub 3 hour marathon and sub 20 hour 100 mile finish early in 2020 then building up to a 200 mile race in mid 2020 and a TBD FKT attempt at a longer 500+ mile distance towards the end of 2020.

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