Your Actions are not Dependent Upon the Actions of Others

Anytime you catch yourself saying something like, “I did it because he….” stop yourself.  You do things because you make the choice to take that action.  You’re actions are not dependent upon the actions of others.  Other people may influence your actions, but you’re the one pulling your own strings. You control the integrity of your actions.

Being a person of integrity is not always easy.  One of those times that it is especially challenging to be of integrity is when someone mistreats you.  Society will give you a free pass if you step outside of integrity and get the person back.  Everyone will understand. In fact, you may be applauded.  But I will say this: You are never doing yourself a favor if you treat someone in a way you’d wish to not be treated. It is the “Golden Rule,” for a reason.

I’ve been challenged by this many times this year.  In my younger years, I’d always get someone back.  I am good at it. I build brands for a living.  I build reputations. It takes years of consistent work.  Though, it does not take much to burn a brand down or to ruin someones reputation.  I could destroy a persons life in minutes.  There are several instances in which most people would celebrate me for getting back at someone, for “calling them out,” or standing up for myself.  Emotionally, there were times I wanted to.  I didn’t. I stuck to the road of integrity.

The way someone mistreats you does not give you a free pass to mistreat them.   People who mistreat you demonstrate they are the weaker person by their actions. If you mistreat them back, you only join them at their level. Be above it. Treat people well, always.

Be of Integrity.

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