100 Miles for The Parent Help Center

I am running the Tunnel Hill 100 mile trail race, on November 10th, and dedicating it to The Parent Help Center.

The Parent Help Center is a wonderful organization, founded by Glenn Ellison, in Jacksonville, Florida.  It is a non profit that helps parents that have children who are misbehaving, from kids who won’t do their chores to kids that already have a criminal record with multiple offenses.  There are a lot of organizations that help children like that, but The Parent Help Center is different.

The Parent Help Center believes that the problem is not the children, it is with the parents, and that change start with the parents.  They do work with the kids to help instill discipline and all the characteristics needed to become a productive citizen, but they work mostly with the parents. They teach parents the skills they are lacking and help them reclaim the peace in their home.  They’ve helped hundreds of families.

A few years ago, they were hit with negative reviews online.  Many of the reviews were from fake user accounts. All of them were false. It hurt the business. Since then, they’ve changed their branding, updated their website and improved their Facebook.  I’d like to ask for your help in getting them a bit more exposure so that they can reach more people and help more families.

Please give The Parent Help Center a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParentHelpCenter/

If you like their mission and what they are doing to help families, please consider giving them a recommendation on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ParentHelpCenter/reviews

Most importantly, if you know of a family that could benefit from PHC, direct them to the website. The Parent Help Center can and will help them.  https://theparenthelpcenter.com

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