Why your Instagram Engagement Dropped this Month (and how to respond to it)

Did you notice a significant drop in your engagement on Instagram?  Fewer likes per post?  Fewer comments?  Slower follower growth?  You aren’t alone.

Twice in the last 30 days, analytics show Instagram changed their algorithm, with the big change coming at the end of May. This effected business accounts the most.

The problem for Instagram is that the number of accounts on Instagram is ever increasing, which means the amount of content being posted continues to increase and there simply is too much content to propagate into users feeds; therefore, Instagram has to periodically adjust how much content goes into a users feed, with the end result being that everyone’s organic reach and engagement drops.

While there may be the rare exception of an account that experienced growth when the algorithm changed, most accounts so a drop of over 20% in their reach and engagement.   This was significant. Typical algorithm changes of the past resulted in only around a 5% change in reach and engagement.

How do you overcome this?

First, don’t get mad.  Instagram is a FREE service that we all benefit from.  They have to make these periodic changes and will continue to make them.

Second, realize that we are all in the same boat. You did not lose any competitive advantage with this change.  If you’re a business, all your competitors experienced the same change you did.

Third, don’t panic.  Don’t scramble and change your strategy.  Continue to post quality content, at least 3 posts per week, and consistently and proactively engage with your audience.

Last, take a look at where your reach and engagement was around 6/15/2019 and use that as your new baseline going forward.  Grow from there.  Don’t compare your reach and engagement to where it was 2-3 months ago; it will likely take you several months or more to get back to that level of engagement and reach.

Instagram changes are inevitable.  Almost every time they adjust the algorithm, reach and engagement will go down anywhere from 5-20% for your account.  Accept it as part of the challenge that comes with a free service and move forward.

Be consistent. You’re account will continue to grow.


– KP Kelly  6/25/19

*Look for a new blog post coming later this week about the new Instagram Engagement Limits (including why your account may be temporarily blocked from liking/following accounts). 

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