Be in the Moment

Put down your phone and lose yourself in a book, lose yourself in nature, lose yourself in prayer, lose yourself in the company of others.

Be in the moment.

Being in the moment is an endangered species.  We have more things than ever to take our attention and distract us.  We can’t go more than a few minutes without checking our phone.  We obsess over capturing every moment with a photo or a tweet.  We are so obsessed with the things in our lives that we are often in capable of getting lost in a moment.   However, It is in those moments, when you lose yourself, that you find your true self and when happiness is most often experienced.

Sure, capture a great moment, take a photo, but then put distractions away and be in the moment. It’s something I don’t do enough and even now that it is a priority in my life, I struggle with it at times.

Over the past few days, I have…

I lost myself in reading for a few hours the other day, I lost myself in an hour or two playing with my niece, I lost myself on a hike through some Ohio trails, and I lost myself in the company of a friend while eating massive amounts of pizza. All small things. But, in life, those moments are everything.  Those moments brought my happiness. I was lost in each of those moments. I’d like to get lost more often.

Worry less about capturing the moment and more about being in the moment.

Get lost in a moment…




– KP Kelly

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