Be Consistent and You’ll be Successful

In my last 100 mile race, there were a series of out-and-backs in which I was able to see the other runners, to see my competition.  For most of the race, I was in the middle of the pack.  Why am I not a front-of-the-pack runner anymore?

Is it age?  No. I am 39, but plenty of distance runners don’t hit their fastest times until their 40’s.  Are the other runners blessed with more natural speed than me?  No. Sure, a few are, but I have more natural speed in me than most runners.  Are they tougher? Not a chance; nobody will endure more than I will and keep on going. So what is it?  It is consistency.

The runners who beat me, besides the few who are the elite runners, beat me because they are more consistent in their training and in their diet. Now, part of that is on purpose for me as I have just been enjoying long slow walk/jogs on weekends and enjoying eating.  But as I now look to be more competitive, there are no tricks to it; I need to be consistent.  If I am consistent in my diet and my training, you’ll see me at the front of the pack soon.

Life is much the same.  When I look at the most successful people in life, they are consistent in all areas of life.  They have a consistent schedule.  They consistently finish every task they set out to for the day, without exception.  They are consistent in their communication, never leaving a phone call, text or email unreplied to. They are consistent in their prayer life, in their Bible reading, and in their tithing and giving.  They are consistently present in the lives of those they love and care about.

The more areas of your life that you are consistent in, the more successful you will be.

What areas of your life can  you be more consistent in?  Focus on those areas. Fight the battle every day to be more consistent in those areas, and then when you get there, work on other areas.

Be consistent.

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