Your Path is Life is Pathed by You

Your path in life is pathed by you, at your own direction, at your own pace, and you are the appraiser of your own progress.

We’re all just here to support you and cheer you on as we travel our own unique path and pave our way.

Life Advice to an Old Friend

I heard from an old friend on Sunday night. He was one of my best friends in my late teens and early 20s, but we had lost touch the past 15 years. He happened to wander upon a quote of mine online, “today might not be your day, but tomorrow needs you.” I got his number and gave him a call.

Life has not gone his way. It really never has, not for any extended period of time. Though, when we were friends, life was pretty good. We walked campus with swag, dated any girl we wanted, excelled at most any activity we partook in, did well in classes, and the future was bright. We were two people you’d bet on for success.

As we got into our 20’s, I moved along the path I had planned, the path society said I should follow. Got married, moved to the suburbs etc. He didn’t. His life started on a never-ending downward spiral. He left college, got a small crappy apartment in a somewhat poor area, a part-time job, and drifted away.

As we reconnected, I learned that his life had only gotten worse since we’d last spoken. In fact, after much difficulties in life, his current success story is that he once again has a part-time job and has a roof over his head in the very same apartment complex he was in 20 years ago. He had seen some of my more recent Facebook posts, and the way in which my life is going now, good job, doing big things athletically, hanging out with the most beautiful girl, doing fun things, and I think the assumption was that my life had just kept going the way it was when we last talked.

It hasn’t.

My life did not go according to plan. My life did not going how anyone expected it would. I’ve not lived my life how others thought I would, or should, and I’ve certainly not followed any traditional timeline. My life took massive detours off the traditional paths, and occasionally down into some massive cliffs. But here I am, stilling traveling my path, hopeful as always.

My friend was surprised to hear how my life had turned out. But he quickly drew comfort from it.

At age 41, I’ve found a new joy for life. In a sense, I have started my third act. The first two did not go according to plan, and this third act has had some rough batches to start, but I am confident I’ll have a great third act. But, it’s not been on a traditional timeline. It has not, is not, nor likely will be a “normal” life or lifestyle that I live. But yet, here at age 41, much of my future can still be ahead of me. My best can still be yet to realized.

We ended our call with me encouraging him to be excited about his life. Much of the disappointment of his current circumstances is because it does not fit what society says his life should look like. He is not on the right timeline. He is travgeling an odd path. So what? It is his path! It can lead to something great! Maybe it takes him longer to get there. Maybe he takes a few detours. He is laying his own path, and I am excited for him to see where it might go.

Live Life on your Timeline.

Expectations are shifting in our society, but there is still this expected timeline. Graduate high school. Graduate college. Get a good job. Get married. Have kids. And all in that order, and that is all suppose to be achieved by age 25-26, or else you’re not following the timeline.

Forget that.

Live life on your timeline! Don’t worry if other people think some aspect of your life should be further along, or that you’re going about this whole life thing a different way than most people do. This is your life! You have to live it on your terms. You have to pave your own path.

Your path in life might get lonely at times. It might be met with disapproval from others. You might need to make some sudden turns or backtrack a bit. That is all perfectly okay. Travel your own timeline.

You’ve got this!

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