Book Review: “Ship of Fools,” by Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is one of my favorite people on television.  He sticks to the facts and will take on anyone.  This book is Tucker at his finest. For any conservative, constitutionalist, or anyone wondering what the heck is going on in our country, this book is a must read!

The outrage culture is out of control and we are moving closer to a governmental system where a small group of a ruling class controls everything.  You may think it just happened accidentally, but you’d be wrong.  The left has systematically created the environment we now have.  It is not just the lefts fault.  It is the rights fault too and the fault of all of us who have sat back and let it happen.  Tucker walks you through how this happened, why it happened, and what we can do to right the ship.

This book is outstanding.  It is very well written.  It is full of great stories, many of which you’ve probably not heard anywhere else, and every story and opinion is backed up by unquestionable facts and overwhelming evidence.  If you value knowledge and being educated on the issues facing out current political environment, this is the book for you!

Where to buy the book: Amazon

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