You’re Obligated To Love All People

Not the sin in the life of someone else nor the lifestyle they live excuse you from your obligation to love and treat them well.

Christians sometimes disagree on if certain actions or lifestyles are sinful or not. I’m often asked about this and I’m well adept being able to show what the Bible says is a sin; tell me something someone did and it’s often rather easy to know if it’s sinful or not, few things are ever really in the grey area, we just like to think there’s a big grey area to make ourselves feel better when we do cross the sin line. However, whether the act in question is sinful, whether the lifestyle someone leads is sinful or not, you’re called to love them.

You’re never given and exemption on that. There are a few instances where God does allow for differential treatment, but for the most part, you’re called to treat everyone well, regardless of their sin. We all sin. All sin is viewed the same by God. We are called to judge each other’s behavior in terms of helping point out and correct sinful behavior, and there are times that you may be in a position to be called to do so, but you’re called to do so in a loving way, treating the others as you’d like to be treated.

Everybody love everybody; it should be that simple.

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