Social Media is not One-Size-Fits-All

When you hear a Social Media “Guru” or “Expert” say “all businesses must,” or “go all in on (insert Social Media Network here)”, RUN AWAY!!!!  You’re listening to a fool.

In the past few years, I’ve heard the same social media experts say go all in on Meerkat (which is now out of business), then go all in on Periscope, next it was all businesses must be on Snapchat, then go all in on Facebook Live.  They now say all businesses must be on Instagram.  Their advice shifts with the breeze. The reality is that there is nothing all businesses must do besides meet the needs of their customers.

This may shock you considering that I am a social media marketer myself, but I do not agree that all businesses must even be on social media. Most should, but I can see scenarios where it would not make sense for a business to spend time, money and resources on social media.  Certainly there is not one social media network every business must be on, though Facebook comes pretty close to that.

Social Media is a powerful tool for a business.  It is not just a marketing tool but also can be a sales tool, a customer service tool, a public relations and brand building tool.  Most businesses need social media, and most businesses should have a presence on multiple social media networks.  However, every business is unique. Each business has a slightly different business or product to sell.  They have a different target customer  They have different goals within the company. No two businesses are exactly the same.  No two businesses should have the exact same social media strategy.

Figure out where you are and where you want to go as a business. Then, see how social media and specific social media networks can help you in that journey.  Listen to the advice of the Guru’s, Experts and Ninjas out there (Yes, there are social media professionals that actually call themselves Ninjas), but take it all with a grain of salt.  Ultimately, you need to figure out what works for your business.

Social media is not one-size-fits-all.  Find what fits for your business.

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