You Can’t Trade all of your Today’s for all of your Tomorrows.

Giving up all of the joys of today for greater potential joys in the future is a suckers bet.  Tomorrow is never promised.

First, I will clarify that working hard and sacrificing for a brighter tomorrow for you and your family is not a bad thing. It can be a great thing. However, if it means sacrificing all of your time with your family, it is a bad thing.  I see little value in a bigger home, nicer cars or a substantial 401k and savings account if it means missing most of the important moments of life.

If spending time on your side hustle is priority over spending time with your family, if advancing in your career is your focus over advancing the relationships in your life, if sacrificing all of the time with the people you care most about so that you can have better things and stuff in the future is your strategy, I assure you, your life will be empty. You won’t find the happiness, peace and contentment you seek.

Make people and relationships your focus.  If it means a future with less stuff, if it means a smaller home, if it means driving a really old car or taking the bus in order to spend more time with your family and make people your focus, make those sacrifices.

I assure you, God won’t be impressed by your job titles or net-worth, but he will be impressed by the relationships you’ve formed and the love you’ve shared.

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  1. When we lived in NYC and went to Redeemer our pastor was Tim Keller. He said there will be seasons in life where you have to work extra hard – like being in medical school, for instance. But overall you have to aspire to have a sabbath. It’s what’s healthy, it’s how we’re built, it’s part of how you’ll connect with God.

    For the last 3 years I’ve had a “regular” job, instead of working for myself. I’m not working from home, but my hours are very defined, and my employer is very serious about not making me work all the time. My 3 kids, 6, 10 and 15, have gotten to spend a lot of time with me, and they are super appreciative of it. I took my first paid week vacation with this job, and my family loved it and it was good for me personally and as a worker.

    You need to live according to your priorities. Don’t try to get divorced from your wife and estranged from your kids. Treat them like they matter. Don’t give them the left overs, schedule time with them and keep the appointment.

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