Be Connected

We stay connected to the people and things that we are committed to.

We tend to have a lot more “friends,” than ever before (thank you Facebook), but if we are honest with ourselves, there aren’t a lot of friendships and relationships that we are fully committed to. The ones we are committed to, we stay connected with; we reply to their phone calls and texts, we are up to date on what is going on in their life, we are their physically for most of the important moments in life.  The friends we aren’t all that committed to? Well, they may go days or weeks without us responding to that text or direct message.  We’ll probably miss that birthday part of theirs.  We may not know that they lost their job or started a new career. We don’t stay connected, besides clicking like occasionally on an Instagram post, with most of the people we know in life.

This is not limited to friendships.  Think of the other things we are committed to.  Are you committed to your business? If so, you probably know what is going on in all aspects of your business. You check in frequently. You always know the numbers.

Are you passionate about your favorite sports team?  If so, you probably know about that trade rumor before ESPN reports it, and you have the scores coming right to your phone to make sure you stay connected with that team.  The same goes for a cause you may be committed to or a political party, I am sure you get all the updates on those and search daily for news and updates.

Are you committed  to your faith?  If so, you probably pray daily and read The Bible or whichever book or writing that guides your faith.  You likely stick to a schedule or worshiping or gathering together with others of the same faith.

We have more ways than ever to stay connected to whatever it is we are passionate about or committed to.  Staying connected then is a matter of commitment.  There is no excuse for not staying connected to the things and, most importantly, the people you care most about.  No excuses.  It does not matter how busy you are or think you are.  It does not matter how long your to-do list is.  Make it a priority to stay connected to the people and things you care most about.

I find that the people who tend to be the least happiest and that struggle to form meaningful healthy relationships are the people that fail to stay connected to the things they claim they are committed to.  They make excuses. They begin to believe their own excuses. They allow life to control them.  If this is you, you need a reboot.  Think of the things you’re most passionate about and that you claim to be committed to.  Re-connect with those things and people and truly show, through your actions, that you’re committed.

Stay connected.

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