The Systemic Oppression Holding You Back

The truth is, there is systemic oppression that often holds people back, though this oppression is not caused by the government or anyone else.  The problem is within yourself.

There is not a government conspiracy or system set to limit the success of any group of people.  Sure, in our past there has been government laws and policies that did limit the success of particular groups, but as a matter of law, that has not been the case in 50+ years. The government is not holding you back from success.

You, most often, are what holds you back from success, and that problem is systemic.  It affects all of your being.  It is the doubts you have and the limitations you place on yourself.  Its the all too comfortable practice of settling for less. Every time you tell yourself something is too hard, it grows.  Every time you settle for less than you deserve, it spreads more. When you allow others to define the limits of your dreams and when you allow others to define happiness for you, it becomes deadly.

Get out of your own way.

Yes, we all face challenges that are sometimes out of our control.  Some people face more than others.  Some people are given a few advantages. However, there are no excuses for not being successful, not in the USA.  We are given so much opportunity that even in the worst of circumstances, there is hope.  Don’t be your own barrier to over-come.  Don’t oppress yourself and limit your own success.

Sounds great, right?  Time to run through a brick wall.  But how?  Part of the process is being honest with yourself.  Look at the things holding you back, I mean really look at them.  Set aside the things that are truly outside of your control; you’ll find ways to overcome those if you’re committed to do so.  Focus first on those other things, the things you can control, the things within yourself holding you back.   A bad attitude, holding onto resentment, a lack of confidence in yourself, grief you’ve not worked through, all of those things can be more limiting to your success and happiness than a debilitating disease.  Identify them, then work on over coming them just as you would overcoming an injury or illness.

The next time you find yourself not succeeding or unhappy and blaming something or someone else, stop, take a look within yourself.  You’ll find ways in which you got in your own way and limited yourself.  Work on those issues.  If you don’t, you’ll systemically oppress yourself into a life of limited success and unhappiness.

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