Tip Hotel Maids

Don’t forget to tip your hotel cleaning person.

We all know that we’re suppose to tip valet, the guy who brings up our bags and room service. However, many don’t realize that you’re also suppose to tip the cleaning staff, who also rely on tips and who, lets be honest, have the toughest job in a hotel. $5 a day will be greatly appreciated in most hotels, $10-20 at nice hotels, boutiques and resorts. 

Hotel Maids make an average of $21,800 per year (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  They clean an average of just over 10 rooms per day.  If everyone tipped $5 per day per room, their income would increase to over $30,000 per year, still barely enough to make a living. Do your part. Tip them.

For my fellow Christians, being giving, be appreciative of those who help you or provide for you, giving extra to those more in need, it’s not just something done through tithing or through giving campaigns and year end donations. Those are all good and well, but we are more in Christ’s character when we’re doing it daily with the little things. Your $1,000 to a charity is great, but your $10 to the hotel maid or homeless person on the corner often reflects Christ’s character in you more. Give daily in small ways.

One idea on giving: Take out ten $10 bills at the start of the month, keep them with you, and give them out throughout the month; add $10 extra to your normal tip, give $10 to the guy on the street corner, give $10 for gas to the old beat-up car that pulls into the gas station next to you. Find small ways to give, and simply say to the person, “God bless you.”

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