RunGoo Saved My Feet! Ultra Marathon Foot Care Advice

The past few years, my feet have been my biggest issue in ultramarathon running.  Aside from the foot injuries I’ve had, I’ve experienced all sorts of blisters on my feet.  Over the course of 100+ mile runs, those blisters become HUGE problems.  I tried everything.

I tried every sock out there.  I even tried Injinji toe socks, which I liked but they only helped minimally in reducing blisters.  I tried every type of body glide type product but that did not help for really long runs and often caused my socks to slip off.  I then tried powder, which worked the best but it still did not do the trick and I had to reapply too often.    Then, a friend recommended RunGoo.

Desperate for anything that would work, I actually tried RunGoo for the first time for a 100 mile race (Never do that.  You don’t want to try new things during a race).  The stuff worked!  It is a bit messy (though not as messy as powder) but I put it on once, and because my feet felt good, I did not change my socks or reapply for the full 24 hours.  When I took off my feet, I was amazed… no blisters!

If you struggle with getting blisters during your long runs, I highly recommend trying RunGoo.  I got mine at Amazon here: RunGoo on Amazon


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