The Mountain in Your Life

The mountain in your life is not there to stop you.  It is not there to make you turn back.  The mountain in your life is there for you to climb.  

We all have mountains in life.  When you see them, they look massively intimidating.  As you get closer, they look impossibly impassible and frightening.

You could turn around and go back, but backwards is not the direction you are going.

You could go around it, but that could take a very, very long time, it comes with no guarantee you’ll get to the other side and often the path around has even more challenges waiting for you.

Most people just wait.  They wait for the mountain to move.  But the mountain is waiting on you to move.  The mountain in your life is calling to you and saying, “climb me!”

Embrace the mountains in your life. They may scare you.  They may take more than you think you’re capable of, but I assure you, you are capable of far more than you give yourself credit for.

Start climbing.

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