Instagram Bio Tips

It is said that, “you never get a second chance at a first impression.” That is true for your Instagram Bio, and for all of your social media profiles, but the importance of your Instagram Bio goes beyond the first impression.

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First impressions are huge, especially on Social Media.  The average person clicking on one of your social media profiles will spend less than 5 seconds on your profile.  5 seconds! What kind of impression do you make in the first 5 seconds with your Instagram Bio?

Beyond the first impression –

Your bio has more importance than just a first impression.  While the average follower will view your profile less than two times per year (most people don’t view your profile a second time after their initial view/follow), those that do come back to your profile and bio are usually looking for something specific. They might be looking for your website. They might be trying to see what you do for a living or just trying to learn a bit more about you.  You want that information available to them.

In addition to serving as a reference point for those who are seeking more information, your bio does have discoverability to it; that is to say, your bio can help people find and follow you on Instagram.  I’ll give the disclaimer that even the greatest bio won’t have a huge discoverability factor, but few things on Instagram actually do. Instagram growth takes doing all the little things that can help add a few followers per week or help get a few more views per day, and then doing those things consistently.   Your Instagram Bio is a discoverability tool. Use it.

What not to do in you Instagram Bio: 

Let me start with my usual disclaimer of saying that social media is not one-size-fits-all.  These are general best advice guidelines.  You may be doing some or all of the things I suggest not to do, but if it works for you or if you just like doing them, stick with it. Do you. Also keep in mind that all of this advice is for people with personal brands or businesses; if you just use Instagram for fun, this does not apply to you. 

  • If you’re not a business, don’t list your phone number or full address.   People will call.  People will show up.  If you have children, and your kids are in your photos, you want to take this advice.
  • Don’t have your entire bio being some quote about how hard you work or hustle, or how you’re all about money.  That is cute, if your fifteen, but not for an adult.
  • Don’t put, “Single,” in your bio.   Instagram is not a dating app.  You would not walk right up to someone in person and say, “Hi, I am single.” It is desperate, at best.  You also give the impression that you’re online using social media to date, and those who aren’t using it for the same person will simply not follow and pass you by.
  • Don’t misspell words or use improper grammar.  This can kill the discoverability, unless your goal is to target people who also misspell the same word the same incorrect way you do.
  • Don’t use a stock photo, funny photo, a photo of your kids, or a photo of your car or home as your profile pic.  A small percentage of people may relate to it, but the majority of people will pass on by you because of it.  Represent yourself well with a professional looking photo of just yourself or your business logo.


5 Instagram Bio Tips

  1.  Use all of the Space Instagram Provides
    • Instagram gives you 150 characters, use all that space. When a social network gives you a tool to help your discoverability, use it.  A complete bio, using all the space, with a few good key words, will help your discoverability.
  2. Don’t Change your Profile Picture
    • Don’t change your profile picture more than once a year. If you’re a business, your profile picture should always be your official logo.  This helps people identify you in the split second that your posts come into their feed or your profile comes up in a search.  If they don’t follow you, but recall seeing your photo or logo before, they’re more likely to click follow or engage.
      • *Note: Changing your profile photo frequently also confuses your current followers and can lead to lower engagement when they don’t instantly identify it with the photo/profile they’re use to seeing.
  3.  Who and What
    • Tell them who you are (your name) and what you do (occupation).  If you have a personal brand, you may focus on what your brand is about and less about a specific occupation.
    • If you’re a business, you want your bio to answer: Who can you help and how can you help them.  It is great if you can tell them how long you’ve been in business, but it is more important that they know how you can help or provide value to them.
  4. List your Website
    • Instagram allows you to list a website.  List one.  If you do not have a website, use this to link to your Facebook Page or other social media.  People will generally click on this for two reasons. The first is they’re just curious or interested in what you’re offering. The link in the bio will help drive a few more website hits.  The second reason people click on the website link in your bio is that there looking a bit more into you, reference checking, etc.  Make it easy for them by providing that link.
  5.  Personalize it
    • Whether you’re a business or personal brand, personalize your bio. Share a few of your interests. If you’re a business, show some personality.   This will help people relate to you.  It humanizes you.  It also expands your discoverability by including a wider variety of key words in which people may not find you by your profession but may discover you through shared interests.


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