Be a Fighter

We often ask of a man, “does he have wealth?” “Does he have fame?” “Does he have a good job or a nice car?”  I ask:

Does he have passion? 

Does he fight for what he is passionate about? 

If your looking for a romantic partner, or a good friend, or a business partner, you want to find a fighter.

We often identify a fighter as someone who is tough, someone who is determined and who does not give up.  Those are absolutely attributes of a fighter, but there is more to a fighter.

A fighter needs to show up, all the time.  A fighter must not wander or be inconsistent, they must always be there, by your side, in good times and bad, ready to battle.  Someone can be the toughest person in the world, but if they come in and out of your life, if they aren’t dependable, if they sit on the sidelines when times get tough, they aren’t a fighter.

Who are the fighters in your life?  Invest time in them.  They are who you want to journey through life with.  As you think through the people who are the fighters in your life, and most of us only have a few, I want you to add one more person to that list: yourself.

You need to be a fighter in your own life. You need to fight for your passions with unwavering grit.  When times get tough, when you face obstacles, be the hero in your own life fighting for your passions, fighting for yourself.

Be a fighter.  Never give up the fight.

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