One Way To Avoid Dating Selfish People

Selfish ungenerous people suck!

The truth about first dates is that most of them don’t go well or poorly; most first dates are just kind of okay, okay enough to lead to a second date. If the second date is also just okay, you may find yourself several dates in before you learn enough about the person to pull the plug on dating them.  One of the keys to not wasting your time, and the other persons time, by going on several dates with the wrong person, is to get better at identifying if someone is a match for you on date one.

One attribute you want to learn to identify in someone is if they are a selfish and ungenerous person.  Don’t date ungenerous people, unless that is your thing, but if that is your thing, seriously, stop it! People who are selfish, I mean really far down that spectrum of selfishness, won’t be good partners in a relationship.  They will take far, far more than they give.  You are probably finding yourself agreeing with me and saying, “yes! yes!”  But, how do you identify these people?

Here is one tip to identify if someone is likely to be a selfish and ungenerous person, in just one date.

When you finish that first date, reflect upon that date.  Did they hog most of the conversation?  Did they talk mostly about themselves?  Did you learn far more about them than they did about you?  It is most likely you have found yourself on a date with someone who is selfish and ungenerous in most or all aspects of their life.  Say, “next,” and move on to your next potential mate.   On the other hand, did you both talk about the same amount of time?  Did they ask questions about you, and then follow up questions?  Did you get to tell a story, and then they got to tell a story. Basically, was there good back and forth?  This does not mean you should elope and marry them, but it does likely indicate they’re not an inherently over-the-top selfish person and might be worth date number two.

Just say no to selfish and ungenerous people.

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